Racist Imagery from Coon Chicken Inn

Friday, June 15, 2012

Another great response

I actually find this exhibit fascinating. I know that is racist and extremely offensive, and I don’t agree with its message at all, but I am really interested with what this strange restaurant/inn is all about. Just how much racism was acceptable back then?  If blacks were disliked, why make one your mascot? Why go so far with the idea and make such a big deal out of it? This image make me interested in what exactly the owners of this building were thinking when they decided to do this. I would also like to ask people from this time if this was a place that they would eat at. With all the teaching about racism and that time period in American history in schools, I still didn’t know racism was even used in marketing, and I especially didn’t expect it to be. Overall, this was an eyeopening experiance for me, and I think this exhibit should be seen by more people.

Antonio Arrendol

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