Racist Imagery from Coon Chicken Inn

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Visitor Response: "How real were the emotions"

The Hateful Things exhibit was by far my favorite part of our trip. The reason being is that it displays the ways in which a group of people for viewed and judged by another with sources and visual aids. Sure, the racism that we learn in school covers the Jim Crow laws, segregation, ect. but what that racism does not cover is the reality of it all. It was not until that I saw these pictures, artifacts and read the stories that it hit me: these things actually happened. They are not made up stories to reenact the harsh treatments back then, they are real. And how real were the emotions and chills that ran down my spine when I saw some very unforgettable pictures. I believe that this exhibit is one that one must visit, and more than once is even better.


Han Nguyen 

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