Racist Imagery from Coon Chicken Inn

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Visitor Comment

Hateful Things is an exhibit to remember.  While most museums fill their spaces with dated artifacts and long explanations of historical details, Hateful Things manages to reach visitors on a deeper level.  It may shock you, disgust you, and overwhelm you.  Be prepared to leave speechless and with more questions than when you first arrived.  After this exhibit, I was not able to walk down the street or view a modern advertisement without questioning what I had ever assumed about race relations.  I could tour hundreds of exhibits and read countless books but I will still never be able to forget this particular display.  By taking the time to visit Hateful Things, you will open your eyes to view an undercurrent of your world that has been taking form right beneath the surface of your daily surroundings.  Be forewarned: This exhibit may change your life.  

Best wishes,
Crista Anderson

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